London’s United Nations of Escorts

When I first started viewing Escort sites and considered taking a “dabble”, I was surprised as to the plethora of nationalities around! Why I should be so shocked that a multiple-cultural melting pot, such as London, should attract Escorts from all over the world, is not a question I can now easily answer!

I must confess that whilst I have done extensive research on this subject, I cannot say for sure, but I imagine there are probably ladies from every country on the planet working as Escorts in London!

Once I started to enjoy the pleasures on offer, I was also (pleasantly) surprised as to the variances between some of the nationalities! What are my “findings”? In this blog, I shall try to shed some light on the subject.

Where to start?!

I do have to say, before launching into my global tour, there are still plenty of countries where I have not met ladies from………yet! After all, I would hate for you to get the wrong impression of me……

Just where do I start? Let’s go long-haul!

Brazilian ladies have long-since held a reputation for being hot! In my experience this is totally justified! They are very liberated too and I have had a great time with each lady I have seen. A great starting point for meeting such Latino lovelies is either Viva Escorts ( or Lilyfields (

Other nationalities I have had great times with include:

French - I was fortunate to meet a delightful lady on Adultwork ( a few months ago and we have already become close friends. I would describe her as possessing smoldering sexual sensuality

USA - I met a Californian lady through Bunnies of London agency ( on a couple of occasions in 2009. She was not only really lovely, but also very sexy and I definitely have a real thing for the America accent! If my American friends would forgive this indulgence, I think it is “totally awesome“!

Japanese - I must confess a real penchant for Japanese ladies, whom I find very beautiful, respectful, petite and sexy! I have met quite a few ladies from Japan and they have all been gorgeous in every sense.

Spanish - as with the Brazilians, I have met several supremely sexy senoritas! A couple were on Adultwork and a couple via agencies.

German - (see my blog “Berlin”, or the excellent dedicated site for a more comprehensive insight) I have met some really sexy German ladies, mainly in Berlin’s hotter hotspots. Indeed, one of my best ever meetings was with a lady in Tiffany’s ( in 2010. Whilst I speak fluent German, which has really helped with making these meetings even better, it is not essential. I have found the German ladies to be confident and relaxed with me, whilst happy to say what they want to do. I always have a real feeling of delight lying there and thinking “fuck you!” to my former German teacher, who always doubted my ability to be fluent! Well Sir, I am and finding uses for it you could never have envisaged!

Eastern Europeans, as a rather loose generic group, have earned a reputation, in a few cases rightly so, as being cold and surly. However, as regular readers will know, I loathe stereotypes with a passion and these do not apply to everyone. I have never been one to believe reputations, as I would much rather form my own opinion. In this case, there are plenty of very beautiful, professional and alluring ladies from “Eastern” Europe.

I have met some amazing women (in every sense) from Latvia, Lithuania, and other former Eastern Bloc countries. However, I have to confess a particular affection for ladies who emanate from Poland. Generally, the ones I have known are not only very attractive and pleasant, they have a real passion in them. Most of these were on Adultwork and there are some really nice ladies there, if you are prepared to do your research.

Temporary attraction

For me, the biggest “drawback” of seeing ladies from foreign shores is the length of their stay in London. Nothing is worse for me than to become very well acquainted with a lady only to see her return home, sometimes at short notice, or without the chance of a proper farewell.

Much as I dislike “goodbyes”, this is not grounds for me to not see ladies from abroad, as even English ladies leave or quit the scene. However, when one knows there are thousands of miles to separate you, it is a hard experience to endure.

Last year, I met one lady by way of an Adultwork Reverse Booking and then had three incredibly intense times in the month prior to her departure. It was so upsetting when she left, but that said, one can never say never and people do return to London’s fair surrounds, so I live in hope!

Now, I as I write this, I am having to face the possible departure of one of my closest friends in the coming months. Just this mere thought is very hard to comprehend and I am dreading the fateful day terribly, as I know how much it will affect me. It is not possible to avoid this scenario, so all I can do is to appreciate the times we do have in the interim and to ensure we can meet whenever possible.

I believe, in all honesty, one has to appreciate what blessings one has and cherish the moments we share. No-one can predict how long any friendship will last, so it is important to value each occasion and to never take anyone for granted.

Despite enjoying meeting ladies from different countries, I do confess I find English ladies generally adorable too and I am a sucker for regional accents! There is an old story called “Acre of Diamonds”, which is a good analogy Punters should bear in mind before seeking too many exotic pleasures!

Punters should also be aware if they use agencies, although not all agencies list a lady’s nationality, some of those who do so do not always do it accurately. Still, looking through various agency sites, it really does seem that there are ladies from the four corners of the earth and I am sure one could do a global Punting tour without ever leaving the boundaries of the M25! After all, I am sure you want to practice your linguistic skills and gain a cultural insight, whilst having some fun too!!! Right? Get out and “travel” a bit!



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