Incalls or outcalls?

I have no idea whether the majority of Punters would prefer to have an incall or outcall meeting. Personally, I only do incalls. Therefore, in this post, which shall explore both types of meeting, I shall write about incalls, whilst a lady who does outcalls will write about them.

For those who are not familiar with the terms incall and outcall, an incall is simply when a gent meets a lady at her premises and an outcall is where a lady will visit a gent at his home or his hotel.


I imagine for most, be they a gentleman Punter or an Escort, safety and discretion must rank amongst the most important factors when deciding where to meet for a date.

To ensure both parties can relax and enjoy a meeting, any location needs to feel comfortable and secure. The choice of area plays a big part in setting the correct tone, as do its ease of access to the building and the standard of transport links or parking arrangements.

In London, most places are in fairly easy access of a Tube station or bus stop, but parking can be a nightmare! Whilst I accept the cost of parking is what it is and that is the price for convenience, which I regard as being part of the overall cost for the date, my frustration when I have chosen to drive is due to the large number of meters which permit a mere two hour stay!

For those who seek an intimate and unrushed experience, this is hopeless, least of all as I always seek to be in an area between 60 and 30 minutes before a meeting is due to start.

I have explored the issues for meetings in hotels in my previous blogs “Hotel etiquette” ( and “Hotel meetings” ( The main issue, apart from safety and convenience has to be the ease of access and egress from the premises.

Generally the larger properties provide more anonymity.


I have never done an outcall to my home or hotel, so I cannot comment on this. However, I have asked a lady I know well for her views. These are as follows:

“Lady R”

Outcalls can offer the client a reassuring environment that they are familiar with and at least is convenient for them, they don’t travel and can relax with a drink and their own possessions with them , if the visiting lady has the skill and ability to blend seamlessly with the visiting residence. However the flip side is they also risk being seen by colleagues, if in hotels, neighbours or worst of all family members. So intelligence and forethought is always essential for security of both the lady and the client. 

If going to a private residence, ask the following…where do I park on the street or in the drive ? how do I dress ? I do look on Google earth and look at the area and the appearance if only to make recognition as easy as possible on arrival. 

Some outcalls will give all the address prior to others give property number when you are close to it.

On entering look at safety , is the door secured  and if so how and where is the key if removed from the door! 

Don’t overly comment on a person’s home it can un nerve the client for several reasons, one on a personal safety level and also as its their home often shared with family and partners and it can often cause anxiety and guilt!  

Don’t move possessions or furniture as a homecoming partner will notice ! ensure you take all your belongings with you, !!!! and I have offered to take other items used away with me so that house hold rubbish doesn’t hold signs of the visit!  

Be considerate and think the absent partner if there is one on what you would look for or notice .. !!! 

If Outcall is to a hotel ensure you can access lifts without room key! And also where are the lifts from reception, where are parking payment stations so not as to draw attention to yourself when leaving. 

If home or hotel ensure your belongings are in your sight and that you are able to get to your coat and keys and phone at all times ! 

Outcalls do have some plus points ..the onus isn’t on you to ‘host’ just turn up !!  

You are able to leave as agreed, if you choose to leave on time you can … you can control the timing easier than if you are waiting for a client to leave.

Thank you to “Lady R” for her views.

Whilst reviewing this article, I came across a Tweet on the subject, directing to an excellent blog, which I would strongly advise readers to refer to, particularly Escorts:

Personal preferences

When I am arranging a meeting, I like to meet in areas I know well, but away from my immediate locale. All of the safety, discretion and transport factors listed above are very important to me.

As I have said I only do incalls, the main reasons being:

  • My locale is not conducive, as I know too many of my neighbours, so comings and goings are not anonymous and my flatmates are too inquisitive.
  • I do not like hiring hotel rooms, as due to a perpetually hectic schedule I do not get time to use the room fully myself, so it becomes expensive. I would rather put the cost of hiring a room into the booking duration or a gift for the lady
  • I prefer to visit a lady at her incall location as I feel she is likely to feel more relaxed too and it makes the experience more intimate
  • I do hotel incall meetings, but only occasionally

I hope this gives an insight into both incalls and outcalls.

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2 Responses to Incalls or outcalls?

  1. Alexandria says:

    I am in the U.S. and it seems that outcalls are best here. A girl is less likely to run into complications.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your input, Alexandria. Always good to hear an opinion from other shores.